Brushed Silver Metal Nametag


Quantity Discounts - The more you buy, the more you save!orderProcessNinjas don’t wear nametags (that whole sneaky assassin thing), but if they did, they’d wear our metal name badges in Brushed Silver. Much like a ninja’s accessories of throwing stars and grappling hooks, our name tags come with optional features to protect your purchase like tag armor to prevent scratches, and a choice of pin or magnet fastener.

Quantity Price You Save
1 $14.00
2 – 5 $10.00 20%
6 – 10 $9.00 30%
11 – 25 $8.00 35%
26 – 50 $7.00 40%
51 – 100 $6.00 45%
101+ $5.00 50%
  • If this is a reorder of an existing design, click this button for an abbreviated order process. You don't need to upload your logo, just let us know the organization the tags are for, or who ordered the tags previously and we'll look it up. No account or user/password is required to order!

    We normally don't do a new proof for reorders, but if you'd like one, you can indicate that here. Please note that the proof process can add time to your order.

    size-comparison-thumb1.5" x 3" (most popular!) is best for wide logos, or tags with many lines of text. 1" x 3" is a option for more square logos, though the tags is smaller with less room for text. Download and print our nametag size chart to see how big each size is.

    Enter a custom size, up to 6 square inches.

    epoxy-thumbTag armor protects your name badge from scratches with a clear, domed epoxy force field and adds an eye-catching shine to your appearance.

    fastener-thumbPin fasteners are affordable and secure, though they do require poking holes in clothing. Magnet fasteners are strong enough to secure the nametag to a sport coat, but don't damage clothing.

    Optional satin storage bag to keep your nametag protected when not in use.

    Enter names and titles for each nametag (or upload a file containing them below). Please leave a blank line between each person's information.

    Upload a spreadsheet or document with names and titles entered in. Great for large orders. File formats accepted: .doc, .dox, .txt, .zip, .xls, .xlsx, .rtf, .pdf

    Is it ok if we use an image of your tag in our portfolio, or on social media, available online? (Free advertising for you!)

    Our manufacturing process, materials, and the laws of physics limit us from perfectly matching colors in your artwork to existing printed items you may have, Pantone color swatches, or the color you see on your screen.

    We'll do our best and colors will be very close (see our portfolio for examples) but please acknowledge that Nametag Ninja will not remake or refund orders due to slight color differences.

    Enter any comments about your order or nametags. Layout ideas, questions or concerns, etc.