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I was happy to receive the nametag so quickly. It is for my friend who just received her doctorate. She needed the nametag for an event today (Saturday). So I'm thrilled it came in time.
Everything was spelled correctly, evenly spaced and the color I ordered.

Thank you so much for such a professional nametag and professional service.

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Thanks so much for the nametags! We love them and appreciate all of your help! I just wanted to let you all know what a great job you did!

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They look amazing! We were very impressed with how they turned out. Exactly what we wanted. Thanks for being amazing!

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They were f*cking amazing, thank you so much 🙂

(Or really sweet whatever is appropriate for public reading)

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Owner - Brumlow Legal

Thanks for the email. I haven't received them yet but perhaps they will be in my mail tomorrow. I saw the shipping notice on it and was impressed you turned them around so quickly. Thanks for trying to get them to us timely. I have no doubt you all did all you could as far as speed so no worries here. Just appreciate the attempt to meet our timeline.

Thank you for your service and especially, and perhaps more importantly, your follow up on your business customers. You've proven to me no matter how small the order you're concerned for your customers satisfaction.

*Ninja Note*: Jeff had a short deadline that he needed his tags by, we shipped it out quickly via Express Mail, but it got hung up at a postal sorting center and was a little delayed. We refunded his Express shipping fee and he eventually received the tags.

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Kristen D

Thank you so much for your wonderful service!!
I really appreciate your speedy response and delivery. The nametag is great and so is the quality!!!

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Name Tag, Inc. PlaqueMaker Name Badge
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No setup Fee Yes $25 Yes $35
Minimum Order 1 5 1 7
Full Color Printing Yes No Yes Yes
No handling fees Yes $3.00 Yes Yes
No per-line fees Yes $1.36 per line Yes Yes
No size-based pricing Yes No Yes Yes
Shipping Free Customer pays Free Free over $350
Price per tag (Under 5) $8 Not offered $11 – $15 Not offered
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Total cost (4 tags) $32 Not eligible $44 Not eligible
Total cost (11 tags) $77 $150.69 $88 $207.70

Prices are based on an initial order of 1.5″ x 3″ metal nametags for the quantities listed with two lines of engraving, pin fastener, and shipping to Colorado. Current as of September, 2014.