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Kimberly N.

Our nametags look wonderful, we can’t wait to use them at our next event!

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Stacie M.
Universal Storage Group


They look great! Will be ordering more in the future for other staffers!

Painless ordering + flawless product + crazy fast delivery = unbeatable value! Proud to see this Air Force vet-owned company aiming for the stars (apologies for the pun)…!

Gaelen A.

Got my nametag yesterday and I love it! It’s da bomb baby! Your site is so easy to use and your responsiveness is off the charts awesome. I do a ton of networking and, because I refuse to use those tacky, glue-ridden nametags most events provide (I am a stylist after all!), I was fashioning my own nametag using my business card and a magnet. My new Ninja Nametag is so much more professional looking. I have no doubt I will be referring lots of my networking friends to you. Once they see my new nametag they will definitely be wanting their own. I’ll probably be buying myself several more (one in each color!).

Love my name tag, thank you! I’ve been procrastinating getting a one for several years now, thinking it was going to be a project. Your process was quick and easy. Can’t wait to go networking so I can wear it!

How We Compare

We’re confident that we compare favorably to our competitors, so to save you the time of shopping around, here’s what it would cost if you ordered from them instead of us.
Item Nametag Ninja (You are here) Name Tag, Inc. PlaqueMaker Name Badge Productions, LLC
No setup Fee Yes $25 Yes $35
Minimum Order 1 5 1 7
Full Color Printing Yes No Yes Yes
No handling fees Yes $3.00 Yes Yes
No per-line fees Yes $1.36 per line Yes Yes
No size-based pricing Yes No Yes Yes
Shipping Free Customer pays Free Free over $350
Price per tag (Under 5) $10 Not offered $11 – $15 Not offered
Price per tag (11 tags) $6.50 $8.88 $8 $13.95
Total cost (4 tags) $40 Not eligible $44 Not eligible
Total cost (11 tags) $71.50 $150.69 $88 $207.70

Prices are based on an initial order of 1.5″ x 3″ metal nametags for the quantities listed with two lines of engraving, pin fastener, and shipping to Colorado. Current as of September, 2014.