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Amanda V.

I am 200% satisfied with my name tag and will likely be ordering another one sometime soon! Your customer service was phenomenal and the product itself is very high quality. Plus, I love that you are a Veteran Owned Business and I try to support VOBs as much as possible. Thanks for the great experience!

I really like the nametag! The magnetic hold is quite strong! And the size (1”x3”) is easy to read while not being too big. And, it works on my lapel with no problem at all!

I’ve showed it to my colleagues – I expect we will be buying many nametags for our full team in the near future.
Thank you!

Default Avatar75

Lifesaver. This is great customer service. I’ll definitely recommend you guys in the future.

*Ninja Note*: Michael needed a "Jake from State Farm" nametag for his Halloween costume, we got it to him in time for the holiday.

Great job on both of our nametag orders for Shumaker Tech Group.

I am impressed with the quality (especially for the price). After researching several vendors, we selected you because of the affordability of adding one additional nametag as we add employees. It just doesn't make sense to order from someplace that would force us to order 5+ at a time.

Production and shipping were lightning fast and you were great about getting back to me on the issues with our initial design.

I will gladly do business with you again as we grow and add new people to our company.

The product was exactly what I was hoping for, and the staff and other director love the product. I found the turnaround time astounding. It felt like I had the nametags in hand the day I ordered. I’ll certainly be turning to you for nametags in the future. You’ve got a great business going on and I’m glad I found you. Thanks.

Default Avatar75
Bluebird Homecare

Thank you so much. The name tag turned out perfect and the turnaround was very quick.

Thanks Again.

How We Compare

We’re confident that we compare favorably to our competitors, so to save you the time of shopping around, here’s what it would cost if you ordered from them instead of us.

Item Nametag Ninja
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Name Tag, Inc. PlaqueMaker Name Badge
Productions, LLC
No setup Fee Yes $25 Yes $35
Minimum Order 1 5 1 7
Full Color Printing Yes No Yes Yes
No handling fees Yes $3.00 Yes Yes
No per-line fees Yes $1.36 per line Yes Yes
No size-based pricing Yes No Yes Yes
Shipping Free Customer pays Free Free over $350
Price per tag (Under 5) $8 Not offered $11 – $15 Not offered
Price per tag (11 tags) $7 $8.88 $8 $13.95
Total cost (4 tags) $32 Not eligible $44 Not eligible
Total cost (11 tags) $77 $150.69 $88 $207.70

Prices are based on an initial order of 1.5″ x 3″ metal nametags for the quantities listed with two lines of engraving, pin fastener, and shipping to Colorado. Current as of September, 2014.