Frequently Asked Questions about our nametags

How long will it take to receive my order?
We will provide you with a digital proof within 24 hours of receiving your order. After you approve it, your order will ship within seven days (with free shipping), though it is usually significantly less than that. Your order will ship from Florida via First Class MailĀ for orders under 16 ounces, and via Priority Mail for larger orders. Most people will receive their order in one to five days from the day it’s shipped. Faster shipping options are available at checkout for an extra fee if you need your order more quickly (orders will expedited shipping will also ship faster than seven days).

Can you match PMS colors in my logo?
We will try to match the color as close as possible, but due to the nature of the sublimation process used for our name badges and the different colors of metal that we offer, we cannot offer an exact PMS color match.

What are the requirements for sending my logo to you?
You can upload your logo or artwork to our site when placing an order, as part of the order process. Please see our graphic requirements page for more information on how to send us your logo for the best quality.

Are rush orders available?
Yes, we can rush your order for a fee of 10% of your total order with a $10 minimum, plus the cost of express shipping. Please contact us to talk about your needs.

Do you keep our design on file?
Yes, your logo and nametag layout are stored securely and will always be available.

What are your prices?
Please see our pricing page for a full list of our prices.

Do you have minimum orders?
No, we do not have minimum orders. We are happy to ship one tag or one hundred. We do have quantity discounts though, so we recommend making a larger order to pay less for each tag!

Do you charge a setup fee?
No, we do not charge a setup fee! You’ll receive a free digital proof or mockup of your design within 24 hours. We also don’t have minimum orders, we are happy to take your order no matter what size it is.

Can you ship to more than one address?
We ship to one address per order. We do not mail out nametags individually to all of your employees in various locations, for example.

What fonts can we use in our design?
We can use any free font, any font that you send us, or you can design the whole tag and send us a complete design with text converted to curves. We have access to Adobe Fonts, as well as of course the free Google Fonts collection and any other free fonts online.

Can we send you a complete nametag design?
Of course, thanks for doing our work for us! If you want to design every detail of the tag, order online and upload it where you’d normally upload the logo. You can zip your files in a compressed file and upload that if you have multiple designs. For your design to work best with our production process, please make the page size of the document the size of the tag you want, and then create a multi-page PDF with a page for each tag. No crop marks and only one tag per page. If you have a full-bleed on your design, put it 1/8″ outside the edges of the document.