The Nametag Ninja

The Nametag Ninja

Born in shadow, raised in darkness, the Nametag Ninja was trained from a young age that personal identification was of the utmost importance. In addition to physical and mental training, the Nametag Ninja was taught how to forge metal from the salvaged weapons of his enemies, harness the powers of the natural world to create magnetic fasteners, and combine the elements to protect the nametags with a clear force field.

The Nametag Ninja is precise, fast, accurate, and reliable. He creates nametags with the skill of a Grand Master, while offering the prices of an apprentice. There is no other choice in the nametag business.

But seriously…

The Nametag Ninja Family

Nametags are tiny billboards that represent yourself and your company, and they go a long way in instilling trust in your business during the critical moments of a first impression. We want our customers to look sharp, professional, and legitimate, and we do that by making the best name badges we can, for the best prices we can.

Hi, I’m Derek, owner of Nametag Ninja, LLC. We’re a small, but mighty, family-run business in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I’m an active duty Space Force officer, but my wife and I both have years of experience in this ‘industry,’ and love the creativity and problem-solving that goes into running a business. Most of all we love “wowing” our customers, and making their day a little better by providing great service and great products. I have an irrational hatred of shipping fees, so we don’t charge any. We also don’t charge any setup fees or have minimum orders because we know other small businesses may not need five or ten nametags, and we don’t want to turn away their business.

What this means to you is that you’ll always receive personal service, no navigating complicated phone menus or waiting 48 hours for a customer service rep to return your email. We’re perfectionists when it comes to the quality of our product, and passionate about making our customers happy. We keep our ordering process simple, avoiding the overwhelming amount of options on some of our competitor’s sites.

We’d love to expand our business in the future, growing to include different types of name tags and possibly other items if there is demand for it. We’d like to hear your input about our current products, or what you’d like to see in the future. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us.